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Become a certified Power Pilates and Vbarre instructor at Pilates Blueprint. Getting started is simple and we are here to support you every step of the way as you launch your rewarding career.

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The Process


Step 1: Become a student

Pilates Blueprint steadfastly supports both Power Pilates’ and Vbarre’s beliefs that in order to teach effectively, future instructors must understand and own the exercises in their bodies. Both modalities’ training standards and Teaching Tools provide the blueprint for students to reach their full teaching potential.  Pilates Blueprint is the home of 3 exceptional Teacher Trainers: Veronica Combs, Stormi Treusdell, and Kandace Lopez Goedjen and regularly hosts expert teachers from the industry for continuing education workshops.

Step 2: Complete the pre-requisites

Both Power Pilates and Vbarre courses require aspiring teachers to complete a certain amount of classes or sessions as well as additional prep work in order to make sure that you are prepared for success.

Step 3: Register to reserve early bird pricing

Both Power Pilates and Vbarre reward participants for registering early. Follow the links below to register for a course.


The Details


Power Pilates Core Mat Education

The Power Pilates Mat curriculum provides the foundation for aspiring teachers and is recognized as the standard in Pilates education in the industry. The Power Pilates Mat course provides the participant with the teaching tools that they need to teach a safe and effective class.  The training is completed in two levels: Core Mat I and Core Mat II. The completion of both levels are required to progress to the Apparatus program. Each training is a 3 day, 16-hour course.

        Power Pilates Mat Prerequisites

  • Prior to the certification weekend, attend a minimum of 10 Classical Mat classes at Pilates Blueprint

  • Read chapters 1 through 3, and 6 in Anatomy of Movement by Blandine Calais-Germain

Click here for additional information for Core Mat I and Core Mat II


Power Pilates Comprehensive

The Power Pilates Comprehensive Training is our most extensive program. It covers beginner through advanced level exercises on all of the Pilates Apparatus with an integrated, systematic approach.  You will learn to work on all of the classical Pilates equipment such as the Reformer, Cadillac, High/Wunda Chair, Barrels and accessory equipment. Our apprentices also learn how to successfully program Pilates sessions to meet the goals and needs of each individual client.

The Comprehensive program consists of five 18-hour weekends, and requires a minimum of 600 hours of apprenticeship. In addition, the apprentice must take weekly private or semi-private sessions with a senior level instructor at Pilates Blueprint, attend 16 weekly or bi-weekly meetings, and pass 4 practical benchmarks to become certified.


Power Pilates Comprehensive Prerequisites

  • Complete Core Mat I and Core Mat II

  • Prior to beginning the program, attend a minimum of 25 apparatus sessions with a certified Power Pilates instructor at Pilates Blueprint.

  • Read The Pilates Primer: Millennium Edition-Return to   Life Through Contrology and Your Health by Joseph Pilates

  • Complete a Basics of Anatomy workshop in person or online within two years of your program start date.

Click here for additional information on the Comprehensive Program



The Vbarre method is perfect for the Pilates, dance, or group fitness instructor who is ready to add an exciting workout modality to their skill set. The Vbarre certification sets itself apart in the marketplace for its unique format, emphasis on Dynamic Movement, and the Art of Teaching Tools that will help a good teacher become GREAT instructor. The certification training is a 3 day, 16-hour course that sets the foundation for all future Vbarre modalities such as Vbarre BURN, BLEND, AND BOOTCAMP.

Click here for additional information on getting certified in Vbarre.

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